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Sussex Yeomanry

The sussex Yeomanry perfoming a-gun Salute on Remebrance day over Brighton Beach esat of Brighton peir or as it was called then palace peir

The Sussex Yeomanry

We are the official association for servicemen and women of the Sussex Yeomanry. We have a proud heritage, achieving great victories, significant battle honours, and have suffered great losses. Through the Association our proud history and our fallen comrades will not be forgotten.

The Sussex Yeomanry has spanned many Corps and Infantry regiments, from Mounted Cavalry through to Artillery and most recently Engineers, proudly serving King, Queen and Country. Our mission is to maintain the objectives of the Association by supporting the incumbent unit(s) affording assistance to our members and their dependants, and supporting worthy charities.

If you are a past serving member of the Sussex Yeomanry then please contact us and join the Association, there will no doubt be a few familiar faces among us.


Learn more about the fascinating history of the Sussex Yeomanry including the selfless sacrifices of our fallen comrades


Enjoy some of the images of recent events in our gallery pages


Visit our events page for the latest on upcoming parades, meetings and dinners and more


Calling all current or ex-servicemen and women of the Sussex Yeomanry.


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